About Us

Vorge Studio is a company that creates, publishes and distributes video games and interactive services. We seeks to provide players with an original and unforgettable gaming experience on computer and mobile devices. We designs video games with an immersive story, endearing characters and captivating gameplay. All products will be complete and Vorge Studio aims to satisfy its customers with competitive prices and a lot of content.

The Vorge Studio team consists of a permanent member and contributors. The founder, Etienne Vallée, a graduate in software engineering, decided to start his own company that will take the interests of its customers to heart and that will aim to give them as much as possible for their money!

The main contributor to Vorge Studio is David Vallée. In addition to his passion for video games, he has almost 15 years of experience in computer science in various industries, mainly in management and quality assurance. He is also a computer engineer and plans to use his knowledge to make Vorge Studio a success.

We hope you will like our games and provide us with feedback so we can always improve and give you the best games possible!