Shining Orb

Immersive story

Explore a whole new world torn by cataclysms and wars. Find hidden treasures, solve challenging puzzles, discover places long forgotten and fight epic battles. Will you be able to fight this world dark past and bring it back into the light? Join a group of adventurers and dive into the amazing world of Shining Orb. Enjoy this 30+ hours game!

Challenging Puzzles

"What happenĀ if I press the red button?" "Didn't I have already passed by here?" "Oh, I must press that lever again!" Solve many puzzles to get treasures, achievements or to advance in the story. Some of them will be a piece of cake, while others will be bigger challenges. Can you solve them all? Can you master what the most brilliant and wise of Arkadia built?

Great Minigames

They may be optional to finish the game, but the minigames still are integrated within the story. Depending on your results, characters will see you in different ways and some of them may even show you secrets that many would be ready to kill for. Master them and give this world another reason to make you a legend!


A great RPG would not be complete without achievements. Prove you have overcome the hardest challenges and master the most difficult minigames! Some of them will be done simply by advancing the story, but others will require hard work and dedication to claim.


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