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Shining Orb Prequel Wiki

Visit to get access to the new wiki. Stuck on a quest? Missing an item? Well no need to feel lost anymore, all quests and achievements are detailed here with solution. Warning : Spoilers in the solutions.

Android Version available!

The Android version of Shining Orb Prequel is now officially available! Find your favorite heroes on your mobile phone and bring them with you on your adventures!

Get it on Google Play

Update V 1.3

This is the update you were all waiting for!

– The music mini game is now working better!

In our beta test, the music was better synced with the arrows. We hope it will be the same for all of you. Please give us your feedback on this update so we know if the issue is fixed or not.

Working on post lunch update!

Now working on the first post lunch update. Thanks everyone for the great feedback!

Shining Orb Prequel now on

Shining Orb Prequel Now On Steam!!!

Demo Beta Test Phase

The demo beta is currently in the testing phase. We will soon put it online so you can test it!